Remote Material Deposition, 2014 @ GKR, ETH Zurich
Remote Material Deposition features an industrial robot that aggregates material over distance and therefore exceeds its predefined workspace. The process was realised as an architectural installation within a cooperation between Gramazio Kohler Research and the Sitterwerk St.Gallen. The installation takes a first step in characterizing a novel approach in digital fabrication, taking architecture beyond the creation of static forms to the design of dynamic material aggregation processes.

Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

In cooperation with: Sitterwerk Kunst und Produktion - Felix Lehner, Julia Lütolf, Ariane Roth, Laurin Schaub
Collaborators: Sebastian Ernst (project lead), Kathrin Dörfler (research lead), Luka Piskorec
Students: Ralph Benker, Bo Cheng, Roberto Naboni, Pascal Ruckstuhl, Ivana Stiperski, Simone Stünzi, Anna Szabo, Andreas Thoma, Martin Thoma, Alexander Walzer, James Yeo
Sponsors: Festo AG Schweiz, Hans und Wilma Stutz Stiftung, Herisau, IKEA-Stiftung Schweiz, Basel
Images © Gramazio Kohler Research

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